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Enko is a new type of running shoes, based on a unique and revolutionary technology. It is a new racing experience that gives you more power and operating comfort.

This revolutionary shoe is to keep all the energy in your approach, while bringing you forward.

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The CES Innovation Award distinguishes this shoe “which gives you wings” on November 10th in New York between 3000 candidates for Enko entering the worlds top 30 best start-ups.









Enko is a new type of running shoes, based on a unique and revolutionary technology. It is a new racing experience that gives you more power and operating comfort.

This revolutionary shoe is to keep all the energy in your approach, while bringing you forward.

When the foot hits the ground, with a classic shoe, the energy is dispersed and completely lost. Enko Running shoes that returns energy with every stride.

It is a perfect running shoe that adapts to the weight of the driver, designed to prevent injuries and provide total comfort. It is the result of an avid runner Christian Freschi. His knowledge of metal engineering (profession) and dozens of prototypes for 12 years of research, made it all possible.

Why buy this running shoe?

  • To protect your health with its exceptional shock absorption
  • It is the only market that adjusts the weight of the user

  • It optimizes the process, reduces fatigue and allows you to run effortlessly longer.

  • It fits all running styles

  • Quite simply, it gives pleasure running

Your joints will thank you

Enko gives you unique shock absorption that no other shoe can. Impact is deadened, your stride is smooth and the sensation is like never before.

To optimise this revolutionary system of shock absorption, your shoe is delivered to you with shock absorbers that are adapted to your weight, guaranteeing you record-beating comfort that is far superior to that of any other shoe.

Your joints will thank you.

Maximum energy

Enko is a revolutionary running shoe which, with its two shock absorbers, conserves all the energy stored in each stride. With a normal shoe, when your foot touches the ground, the energy is dissipated and completely lost.

By contrast, ENKO stores up the energy and gives it back when you lift your heel off the ground again.

Your running becomes extremely efficient.




The springs are interchangeable depending on your weight.

They are available in the 10 kilograms of ranges:


Your shoes will be delivered based on the weight that you provide.

The shock absorbers are interchangeable, based on your weight. You can buy different sets of springs, depending on whether you are looking for comfort or performance. For greater comfort, you will need a lower weight rating. If you are looking for performance, take a higher weight rating. You will receive a shock wrench and instructions, allowing you to easily replace the shock absorbers.

The springs have a guaranteed lifespan of more than one million cycles. And they will keep 100% of their effectiveness in relation to the quality dampers traditional running shoes that degrade rapidly.



ENKO your pair will be delivered with a key and 6 replacement studs.

The studs are interchangeable, giving your Enko shoes better durability than traditional running shoes.

Then you will be able to order the studs on our website

              Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

    The weight of a running-shoe ENKO 8.5 shoe size is 380 grams

The patented sole adapts to any type of stride: neutral pronation or supination.

With one click you can switch from walking to running position:

ON position allows you to use the Enko to your daily activities. Its high-tech design will turn the heads of everyone.

In the on position, the Enko turns into a running shoe with exceptional performance.

This running shoe is designed for use on roads, trails, paths, etc., but it is not suitable for practicing trail running.

We wanted an undisputed quality shoe, so we made them in Italy, an international reference for quality shoes, by the king of Rudiano.

Why such a price?

The ENKO running shoe is a high-tech product and is made with the latest materials from the aerospace industry. This is a Franco-Italian production: we build the sole and assembly in our workshops in France while the shoes themselves are made in Italy. These are custom shoes, made to order. ENKO is truly amazing, it stores and returns energy like no other shoe can do today. It is unique in the world: the only shoe to adapt to the weight of the runner. The goal of Enko is to protect the health of runners: the shoes have been designed to prevent injury.




We are so confident in our Enko running shoes that we have extended the guarantee of a 30 day warranty to a full ONE YEAR! This means that if all the parts are broken due to human error during your first year of ownership, we will gladly send you the brand new parts at no cost to you!

Why we need your help

The project that we present is a real breakthrough in innovation, an adventure to evolve the technology. No big brand running shoe would have dared to take the risk of such an innovation.

The goal of our approach is not to make a financial transaction. We are passionate and want to share this extraordinary evolution in running shoes with the greatest number of people.

The principle of crowdfunding is to support innovative projects, we rely on you to help this new technology exist and continue to develop.

All the advantages described with respect to the shoe are real.




The story Enko


Christian FRESCHI, designer and developer of Running Shoes Enko, is above all an avid runner who always run both competitively and for fun.

He spent 12 years developing this running shoe, and over the years has paid his genius in the making and testing dozens of prototypes, resulting today in a running shoe that is perfect and is protected by international patents.

The shoe adjusts to the weight of the rider, his running style, and is pronator or supinator.

With its double sole and design to avoid injury, it offers total comfort.

What we have done


                     We tested many prototypes

                            The unique design



Technical specifications



                                      Study and Design Notes 

This shoe utilises mechanical parts integrated into the sole, which provide it with significant cushioning (increased comfort) and energy release (increased performance).

The innovative sole is equipped with two shock-absorbers, permitting a gentle release, at the right moment, of all the energy stored during cushioning of the stride……….. . Learn more  :  Technical study  (PDF) .


                          INTERNATIONAL PATENT WO2012 / 131244                     SHOE WITH IMPROVED DRIVE AND AMORTIZATION


                                               Scope of the invention

The present invention relates to the field of footwear and in particular the adjustments to optimize damping, support and propulsion phases of a stride………………… ………………………………..



                the high-tech development

                                      3D Finite Element Model

Thank  to the finite element modeling method, we were able to precisely optimize all the mechanical constraints that came into play regarding the sole.





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