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From Aloe-Vera to tea leaves, these members of the phylum, viridi-plantae can be seen as citizens of a community that harmoniously share a common trunk. The common ancestor to all leaves was the algae that gad crept onto dry land eons before creatures. They have sustained and indeed made animal life tenable for millions of solar cycles which modern society calls years. As such, they have witnessed at least 5 creature extinctions on our planet. The impending sixth extinction, The Anthropocene Extinction, was tentatively staved off in solving the diminishing food supply by abridging the genome of algae into that of human beings so that they could create their own energy, not by devouring plants and other creatures but through photo-synthesis.  In so doing, the planterly experience of a humble leaf became inherited and transliterated by one such human-algal hybrid.  His eponymous name was Salgal. It is the 4.57 billionth solar cycle in what modern humans called the year 2998.  Earth has suffered a devastating pandemic of ancient viruses released from the primordial icecaps thanks to climate change and that has obliterated most red-blooded creatures. Contemporaneous society has been obliged to live in the cooler climes of the Antarctic region…

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