Use the Bitbrowze platform to create your agreements on the fly as blockchain tokens!

Why? Your contracts such as copyrights are created on the fly and are not fragile and static pieces of paper but as actual dynamic apps;  instantly deployed to the blockchain. You get a private and personal wallet that replaces a third party bank account so you are your own banker. Your wallet is instantly funded with your choice of currency or crypto-currency. Bitbrowze lets you spread the word about your real or personal property and automatically build a referral network in the background.

Terms of ArtOwner Registry


As a subscriber you are obliged to have a unique showcase slot on


                                         Terms of Service

Your subscriber escrow funds are deposited for 1 year.  Those funds are formatted as HYP tokens. Your HYP will be locked, but not spent. After 1 year, you can release the  SHOWCASE SLOT and get back your deposit, or take no action to keep for another year.

If terms of the contract change-e.g. Hypso makes contract upgrades- user has the right to release the showcase slot regardless of time held.

The contract controller cannot access your deposited funds.  They can only be moved back to the address that sent them.

Your address(es) will be publicly associated with your Ethereum Name Service (ENS)  name.

Showcase slots are created as sub-domain nodes of hypsoverse.eth and are subject to the ENS smart contract terms.

You authorize the contract to transfer HYP on your behalf. This can occur only when you approve a transaction to authorize such transfer.

These terms are guaranteed by the smart contract logic at address: 0x0da5ac1a559b02e12f29fc0ec0e37be8e046def49 (Hypsoverse ArtOwnerRegistrar)

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0x0da5ac1a559b02e12f29fc0ec0e37be8e046def49 (HYP Registry).

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Showing all 3 results