1. Go to
  3. Select your industry (Art, Real Estate, Publishing)
  4. Scroll down and click “Get started”
  5. Choose your role for example Art Owner; or Customer.
    Note: If you intend to display your artwork or sell you must get started as an
    art owner. If you intend to shop or buy get started as a customer. If you are a
    third-party such as an insurance provider get started as insurance.

4. Since this is your first time you must register

5.To register You really need a free wallet. The wallet address is your link to all future transactions.

6 Click “Register” and follow simple instructions.

7 Copy wallet address to your clipboard.

8.  When registered for wallet, return to step four. fill in the form.

Paste wallet address to the appropriate field.

9.  you are now good to go. You will have

9a) username,

9b)  a password.

12 scroll down to get started as Owner.

13 enter credentials 9A and  9B

14 at top right-hand corner Click on  “Manage”

15 click the + sign to insert your art listings one at a time. How?

16 (i) type the listing description. For example listing name, oil on canvas , 12”x20”

17 (ii) type price of original without dollar symbol. E.g 1100

18 (iii) Type price of copy  without dollar symbol. E.g. 100

19 (iv)  upload image from your computer (*.jpg. , .png only.)

20 (v) Click the check mark.

21 (vi)  repeat, or log out.

22 Now, visit your username.

23. Voila!  Your personal art gallery.

24.  Send your hyperlinked Gallery URL  – your username –  to all your friends and acquaintances. But first here’s how you made it happen… Go to

11 visit

Q: I go to the site as Owner. I take the manage /option/upload/photo library then I scroll through my iPhone pictures and select it with choose. It returns me to your screen and nothing uploads. I try selecting the✅check option. The thingy spins a rotation and then that’s it. Maybe you need to write me user instructions 101. For dummies????????????????

A: Try the following sequence

1. Type description

2. Type original price

3. Type copy price

4. Upload a .jpg picture

5. Click checkmark

Repeat or log out

Okay. It finally loaded.????????

To Get Started as a Buyer

step by step

Login as a customer with your username and your password

your cart should be empty, is it empty?



from the gallery page add a desired listing to your cart by clicking on “add to cart” button under its description

you should be able to see the price of the original listing and the total price after Tax

Yes ?

Click on “proceed to checkout “

you’ll see the listing you have chosen and its details

Below your automatically presented name, is a box where you should enter your shipping address in order to proceed

Next you must pay. You may use your real PayPal, Your real Credit or debit card, or use a TEST Method using the following credentials, until you are ready to actually purchase. In that way you will do all this for free.

you should see a PayPal popup after clicking on the orange button

Login to PayPal using these credentials

Please double check that you are using this account not your personal account

Once done, It hails you as John Doe

it’s a random name for testing

click “pay now”

It should report that your Order was submitted successfully and deliver it ASAP!”

now you should be able to verify this order from orders page

On the you will notice that the item has a SOLD! Label